How to Maximize the Treatment Efficacy of Ketamine Sessions


How to Maximize the Treatment Efficacy of Ketamine Sessions

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February 28, 2023


March 24, 2023

Research shows that ketamine is effective in improving treatment-resistant depression symptoms in adults. You can get the most out of treatment with adequate preparation before the ketamine session.

Noteworthy, ketamine treatment facilities offer differing interventions. Therefore, preparation rules may vary between treatments. Always ask for the dos and don'ts before receiving oral ketamine. Here are a few things you can do to maximize the impact of this treatment.

Have a Fast Period Three Hours Before Your Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine evokes extreme reactions in your body. One of the side effects of this treatment is nausea and vomiting. Avoid eating and drinking three hours into your treatment to reduce the chances of throwing up after treatment.

 Safety during the ketamine consumption session is vital. If you vomit, the contents may end up in your lungs or choke you. Ensure that your stomach is empty.

Eat Healthily and Hydrate

Your mind and body require nutrients from food to maintain and sustain health. For instance, proteins are essential for making enzymes, co-factors, and hormones that regulate your mood. Vitamin D and the B complex energize your nerve cells and maintain the integrity of their structure.

Eat healthy meals. Ensure all your meals have most of the nutrients essential for the body. Be deliberate about your nutrition. The nutrients will strengthen your body and help you handle the side effects of this potent substance.

 Aside from meals, remember to hydrate. Water is the medium where all biochemical reactions take place in your body. Drink the daily recommended amount of water on the days leading to the treatment.

Play Music to Enhance Relaxation and Meditation

 Ketamine treatments require comfort and relaxation to keep you focused on the internal journey. One way to enhance your focus is through soothing music. Have a playlist of songs that calm your nerves and redirect your awareness from the external world.

 Music is therapeutic. It helps your heartbeat and breathing sync with the beat. Songs also have melodies that prompt reflection and introspection. The repetitiveness of a rhythm also has a hypnotic effect.

 The songs should not have beats, instruments, rhythms, or vocals that are destructive. They should be simple, slow, and relaxing. If the treatment center has an entertainment unit in the room, you can request them to play your music. Alternatively, you can come with your headset and use your phone as your music source.

Stay Warm During Treatment

Temperatures are low in most medical facilities. The cold can be a source of distraction during treatment. Your concentration plummets when you are concerned about shivering. It may make you impatient and focus on the treatment period instead of the needful.

 Dress warmly and comfortably during treatment. You can also bring a blanket or shawl with you to keep warm. You can remove the cover if you feel stuffed or wrap yourself in it if the office gets extra chilly. Keep your legs warm and cozy with a pair of socks.

Avoid Certain Medications

Various medicines interfere with ketamine's performance in the brain, reducing its efficiency in improving depressive symptoms. Medications like alprazolam (Xanax) and diazepam (Valium) interfere with antidepressant medication.

 Although the two drugs evoke a calming effect, their mechanism of action in the brain affects ketamine's performance in the brain. Talk to your doctor before taking any over-the-counter medication. List down all the drugs you are taking before stating the treatment. Your doctor needs to know any medicine you are taking to inform them how to schedule treatments. Therefore, be honest about your medical history.

Practice Stress Management Techniques

 Make sure you are relaxed, calm, and well-rested before, during, and after your ketamine sessions. Do what you can to keep your mind at ease.

● Have a little quiet time in between a session.

● Practice mindfulness in your everyday life to help with attention and awareness.

● Practice meditation to calm your nerves and regulate your anxiety.

● Journal your experience and reflections after the session

● Learn to face, solve, or accept the stressors in your life. Take your chances if it is within your power to change a relationship, job, or setting. Accept things you cannot change, and work on those that can lessen the burden.

Prioritize Resting

Sleep is significant. It is the only way the body heals and repairs damaged cells and tissues. It also revitalizes your mind and body, strengthening you to face another day.


Resting also improves your cognition, memory, and thought processing. It also enhances your concentration. The reflection that occurs during a ketamine treatment requires a sober and focused mind.

●     Ensure you are getting eight hours of sleep every night.

● Restrict screen time during bedtime.

● Have a winding down routine to enhance your sleepiness.

● Go to bed at the same time every day.

● Avoid staying in bed for long periods during wake time.

Avoid Substance Use

Alcohol and drugs are psychoactive. They reinforce the effect of ketamine, which is an already potent substance. The interactions can be dangerous. It can lead to an overdose or a fatal end. Make sure to share with the clinician if you have any substance use disorder.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating healthy, exercising, hydrating, and resting should not stop after treatment. Continue living healthily after every treatment session. Your lifestyle impacts your body's ability to bounce back after ketamine treatment.

● Have a meal plan with healthy options.

● Exercise regularly

● Drink water constantly

● Prioritize your sleep time

● Have healthy and supportive relationships.

● Maintain your hygiene to avoid unnecessary infections

● Keep your doctor in the loop in case of any changes.

● Maintain a positive attitude and outlook on the treatment.

● Practice relaxation techniques to regulate anxiety and depression.

● Remain active - work, hang out with friends, and visit family.

Integration Psychotherapy Sessions

Integrative therapy is customized counseling with techniques from various therapeutic orientations that address a patient's specific needs. Combining ketamine treatment and integration psychotherapy is a holistic approach with a higher probability of improving treatment outcomes.

Oral ketamine balances your brain chemicals making you more responsive to therapy. Through integration therapy, you get to explore the cause and triggers of your mental illness and find productive ways of managing or overcoming the condition.  


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