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In a rut? 
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Online ketamine-assisted psychotherapy clinic with culturally competent licensed therapists and doctors in California


“Ketamine assisted therapy helped me so much. I never felt better in my life. ”

Amber S from Eureka

“My anxiety is just gone. I barely think about it anymore. It wasn't instantaneous, but it worked eventually.”

Patricia L from Santa Monica

“These sessions have been transformative and have made me braver to embrace my interactions with others.”

Kenneth M from Monterey

Let's talk about our mental health today

When we suffer from mental health problems, our brain starts to change in a way that makes it even harder to get out of the mental loop that we're stuck with.
Ketamine makes our brain more plastic. This is why psychotherapy assisted by ketamine is effective to help us transform.

"I feel alright... I just feel stuck in the baseline."

"I feel alright... I just feel stuck in the baseline."

"As soon as I stopped my meds I started to feel down again..."

"As soon as I stopped my meds I started to feel down again..."

"After years of therapy and a bunch of different medications, why am I still depressed?"

"After years of therapy and a bunch of different medications, why am I still depressed?"

"Those negative thoughts keep circulating in my brain. "

"Those negative thoughts keep circulating in my brain."

"I feel less sad, but I am also struggling to be happy."

"I feel less sad, but I am also struggling to be happy."

"I heard that ketamine can rewire my brain?"

"I heard that ketamine can rewire my brain?"


"The reason why ketamine-assisted therapy is gettin more popular is because of positive patient outcomes. "

The New Yorker

"Ketamine relieves symptoms of depression for a period that can last days or weeks, during which time talk therapy often proves more effective than normal."


"After her ketamine-assisted psychotherapy experience, Sam feels better than ever. Instead of swimming in self-doubt, she says she can now be lighthearted with her son."

How our ketamine-therapy program can help

In the comfort and privacy of your own home

No need to come into the medical office to get the treatment. Oral ketamine and other equipment will be sent to your home and our team will provide the session via telemedicine so that you can access this effective treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home. 

Calm Lake
Led by an experienced licensed clinician team 

We believe that healing happens when you combine ketamine and psychotherapy led by a licensed and trained therapist. 

Our clinical team with extensive experience in providing ketamine-assisted therapy makes sure you go through this treatment safely and effectively. 

Frozen Leaves
Personalized, guided program by experienced licensed clinicians

You may be feeling down, anxious, or lonely. No matter what you are going through, we believe in every person’s intrinsic ability to heal. We are a team of experienced doctors and therapists here to help you with our personalized and guided approach. 

Meet our experts

Mai Shimada, MD

Mai Shimada, MD

Founder & CEO

Angela An, LMFT

Angela An, LMFT

Licensed psychotherapist

Steve Friedlander, LFMT

Steve Friedlander, LMFT

Licensed psychotherapist


Patient's voice

Despite his challenging upbringing, Joseph Murphy, of Cambria, CA bulit a successful career in adolescent psychology and another in illustration and art directing. After having unsatisfactory treatment results from years of various antidepressants and psychotherapy sessions, he came to our clinic looking for a way to recover from his long standing depression and anxiety.


He described the ketamine-assisted therapy as “a very pleasant as well as educational experience” and he was able to “enjoy my life in a way that I[he] hadn’t be able to”. 

How it works

Initial consult with doctor

After answering the questionnaire, you book the initial consultation with our board-certified doctor with telemedicine. You fill out the intake form and meet with the doctor to review your medical history. If online KAP is right for you, the doctor will prescribe oral ketamine which will be shipped to your home. 

Psychological evaluation and preparation 

Now you meet with your licensed KAP therapist online and prepare for your ketamine session, reflect on your goals for treatment, and set intentions for your experience. The preparatory session is meant to build a sense of connection between you and your therapist, as we believe that the efficacy of this medication is tremendously enhanced by a safe setting in the context of trusting relationships. 

Ketamine dosing session

You connect with your therapist online and first go over your intentions, check your vital signs, and confirm the designated support person. Then, you take the oral ketamine, turn on the therapeutic music, and lie down with an eye mask on. Throughout the experience, you are supported by the licensed therapist. 

Integration session 

Any feelings, sensations, and ideas that are brought about during your ketamine experience can be meaningful for the process of healing. Integration is about creating the space to “make meaning” of those feelings, sensations, and ideas so that they can inform daily functioning. In this way, integration therapy with our therapist increases the potential for personal transformation that ketamine offers.