Frequently Asked Questions About Ketamine Therapy

Is ketamine a legal medication?
How does ketamine work?
Is ketamine addictive?
What is ketamine-assisted psychotherapy?
What can I expect from an at-home ketamine therapy session?
What does it feel like when I take ketamine for depression?
What should I do if I have never taken ketamine before?
How long do the effects of ketamine therapy last?
What are the risks of ketamine therapy?
How much would the medication cost? 
Will I need to pick up my medication from the pharmacy?
What is the significance of set and setting in ketamine treatment?
Is ketamine therapy a suitable treatment for me?
How long is the medical evaluation appointment for ketamine therapy?
What is superbill?
Can I eat or drink before my ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT) session?
Do I need to receive ketamine therapy through injections?
Is ketamine therapy covered by insurance?
Can I continue taking my current medications during ketamine therapy?
How long does it take to feel the effects of ketamine?
Can I drive after a ketamine therapy session?
How can I contact Isha Health?