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The UrbanCred Podcast

#27: Using Psychedelics to Cure Mental Health with Dr. Mai Shimada of Isha Health

"We chat with an emergency medicine physician with over ten years of experience working in multiple emergency rooms...."

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The UrbanCred Podcast

#78 - Dr. Mai Shimada, on Ketamine Assisted Therapy & Founding as an MD

"Today’s episode is on ketamine assisted therapy and psychedelics in general, featuring Dr. Mai Shimada, who has...."

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Forward Thinking Founders

830 - Mai Shimada (Isha Health) On Unlocking Your Mental Health With Ketamine

"Mai Shimada is the founder of Isha Health. Isha Health enables online ketamine assisted therapy with a team of licensed clinicians"

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Beat the Often Path Podcast


"Even though this treatment is completely legal, if that bothers you, turn it off right now. I’m going to preface this episode by...."

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Modern Aging - Holistic Health
& Wellness After 50

Ketamine For Depression Ketamine For Pain. How It Works, Treatment Resistant Mental Health Illnesses

"If you have treatment-resistant depression or anxiety and feel like you have tried everything, then you may want to check...."

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Forbes Japan
(The article in Japanese)

Dr. Shimada starts a ketamine clinic in San Francisco after her experience as an emergency physician in Brooklyn.

"The first place she started working as an emergency medicine resident was at a tertiary care hospital in Brooklyn, New York."

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