What is Superbill?

A superbill is a document that shows a list of services you received from a healthcare provider.You may be able to receive some amount of reimbursement for medical services by submit a superbill to your insurance company. Isha Health is an out of network provider. We will issue Superbill upon your request.

How much would I get reimbursed?

Based on your insurance carrier’s policies and your plan, several factors determine how much you may be reimbursed.  These factors include:The amount allowed for a therapy service based on what your insurance company would pay for an in-network providerYour out-of-network benefit levelWhether you have met your out-of-network provider deductible for the yearYour coinsurance rate for out-of-network providers (the percentage of charges your insurance company expects you to pay)

Step 1

Email to get your Superbill. Team Isha Health will send you your Superbill as soon as it is ready.

Send an Email

Step 2

Use Reimbursify to submit your claims for out-of-newtork health insurance reimbursement. Your insurance company will process your reimbursement according to the details of your plan.

Submit Claim to Insurance

Step 3

Get your money back! Once your insurance company finishes processing your claim, you will get a reimbursement. The amount would vary depending on the carrier’s policies and your plan.