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About Isha

Psychedelic assisted therapy in the comfort and privacy of your home

Isha is here to help you feel better with ketamine-assisted therapy.  Quite a few clinics offer ketamine treatment these days but its full potential can be achieved when it is combined with guidance from experienced therapists. Leveraging the technology, Isha makes it happen by providing comprehensive telemedicine service with board-certified physicians,  licensed therapists, and experienced guides so that you can get the best treatment experience in the place you feel most comfortable: your home. 

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I started Isha because, as a board-certified emergency medicine physician, I treated many patients with severe mental health illnesses and witnessed the worst consequences. During the pandemic, I also saw many of my colleagues struggling with mental health. The statistics reflect what I saw in ER. Currently, one in five American adults suffers from a form of mental illness and one in three adults with a major depressive disorder are treatment-resistant. In January 2021, about 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder. I wanted to change this. 


Ketamine is a substance that emergency medicine physicians routinely use for various purposes such as procedural sedation and pain control. It has also been extensively studied for various mental health conditions with promising evidence. Compared to traditional psychiatric medications, it has a quicker onset and a longer duration of symptomatic relief. Due to this, now more and more clinicians are treating patients with ketamine. Our hope is to bring this promising treatment to more patients who could benefit from this highly effective treatment. 

Mai Shimada, MD FAAEM

Isha Health, CEO