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Holistic Online At-Home Ketamine Therapy for Depression and Anxiety with ISHA Health in San Francisco

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“Ketamine assisted therapy helped me so much to get out of my depression and PTSD.
I never felt better in my life."

Amber S from Eureka

“I’m so glad that I found Isha Health for my depression and anxiety. I love that I can speak and message with my doctor as many times as I’d like without extra charges. I was very nervous in the beginning but she made me at ease through ketamine treatment."

Andrea T from Oakland

“My anxiety is just gone. I barely think about it anymore. It wasn't instantaneous, but it worked eventually.

Patricia L from Santa Monica

“These sessions have been transformative and have made me braver to embrace my interactions with others not being overwhelmed with anxiety"

Kenneth M from Monterey

“I tried IV ketamine for my TRD before and it was too much for me. Isha's approach is gentler on my body and worked great."

Laila L from Sebastopol

“Ketamine therapy is the only treatment that has worked for my depression and anxiety."

Rakesh V from Elkgrove

“I have been able to come off from my meds for the past month. I am hopeful that I no longer need SSRIs in the future."

David S from Truckee

“I felt that my anxiety and depression melting away even during the first session. Dr. Shimada and Angela made me feel at ease through out the treatment."

Cynthia L from Mountain View

“I had some ups and down in the beginning but after 3 weeks now I feel confident that ketamine therapy will continue to work for my depression."

Annette R from Santa Barbara

“I was recommended ECT for my severe depression. Then I found Isha. I am grateful."

Elliot M from San Francisco

“Isha doctor is very helpful, thorough, and really cares. Highly recommend."

LaKisha J from Venice Beach

“I am thankful to Isha Health for making ketamine treatment accessible. You are a life saviour."

Josephine M from Anaheim

How are you today?

When we suffer from mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD, our brain starts to change in a way that makes it even harder to get out of the mental loop that we're stuck with.

Ketamine makes our brain more plastic. This is why psychotherapy assisted by ketamine is effective to help us transform.

Online ketamine therapy for depression and anxiety at Isha Health

"I don't event know if I'm depressed anymore...well, I think I am. I just feel stuck in the baseline of my depression."

Qualified mental health professionals at Isha Health offering at-home ketamine treatment

"As soon as I stopped my meds for depression I started to feel down again and get very anxious..."

Experience relief from depression and anxiety with Isha Health's online ketamine clinic

"After years of therapy and a bunch of different medications, why am I still struggling with depression and anxiety disorder?"

Expert ketamine therapy for depression and anxiety at Isha Health

"Those negative thoughts keep circulating in my brain. My therapist tells me how to deal with them and I still can't get out of it."

Revolutionize your mental health with Isha Health's online ketamine treatment

"I feel less sad, but I am also struggling to be happy. I wonder what it feels like if I didn't have depression."

Comfortable ketamine treatment with at Home Ketamine Clinic

"I have major depression. I heard that ketamine can rewire my brain?"

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"The reason why ketamine-assisted therapy is getting more popular is because of positive patient outcomes."

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"Ketamine relieves symptoms of depression for a period that can last days or weeks, during which time talk therapy often proves more effective than normal."

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"After her ketamine-assisted psychotherapy experience, Sam feels better than ever. Instead of swimming in self-doubt, she says she can now be lighthearted with her son."

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Why Choose Ketamine Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Led by an experienced licensed clinician team

We believe that healing happens when you combine ketamine and psychotherapy led by a licensed and trained therapist. Our clinical team with extensive experience in providing ketamine-assisted therapy makes sure you go through this treatment safely and effectively.

Personalized, guided program by experienced licensed clinicians

You may be feeling down, anxious, or lonely. No matter what you are going through, we believe in every person’s intrinsic ability to heal. We are a team of experienced doctors and therapists here to help you with our personalized and guided approach.

In the comfort and privacy of your own home

No need to come into the medical office to get the treatment for depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Oral ketamine and other equipment will be sent to your home and our team will provide the session via telemedicine so that you can access this effective treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Rapid Progress

Unlike traditional medications and psychotherapy, which often require several months to show improvements in symptoms, ketamine therapy offers a quicker response. Many patients report feeling better within a matter of weeks, and in some cases, even within days.

Accessible and Cost-effective Telehealth Care

By utilizing telemedicine alongside sublingual ketamine treatment, healthcare becomes more affordable and accessible, all within the privacy and comfort of your own home. Our services provide ketamine treatment administered under the supervision of a qualified doctor at a cost of $350 per month.

Safe and Experienced Treatment

With a track record of over 50 years in healthcare, ketamine has been proven to be a safe treatment option. Your personalized treatment plan will be carefully supervised by clinicians who possess extensive experience in providing ketamine treatment. You can trust in their expertise to ensure your safety throughout the process.

Meet Our Experienced and Compassionate Ketamine Therapy Specialists

Expert and compassionate medical professionals for personalized ketamine therapy - Isha Health

Mai Shimada, MD

Expert and compassionate medical professionals for personalized ketamine therapy - Isha Health

Angela An, LMFT
Licensed psychotherapist

Expert and compassionate medical professionals for personalized ketamine therapy - Isha Health

Steve Friedlander, LMFT
Licensed psychotherapist

What Patients Are Saying About Our Ketamine Therapy Program

Triumph over Long-standing Depression and Anxiety

Despite a challenging upbringing, Joseph Murphy from Cambria, CA managed to forge successful careers in adolescent psychology and illustration/art directing.

However, after years of unsatisfactory results from various antidepressants and psychotherapy, he turned to our clinic in search of a solution for his long-standing depression and anxiety.

Joseph described his experience with ketamine-assisted therapy as not only pleasant but also educational. He expressed how he was finally able to enjoy life in a way that had previously eluded him.

If you're interested, you can watch Joseph's testimonial on the transformative effects of ketamine therapy.

Watch Joseph's Testimonial on Ketamine Therapy

Real patient testimonial for effective ketamine therapy - Isha Health
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Start Your Ketamine Therapy Treatment Today
and Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Start with a Telehealth Medical Consultation

Initiate your journey by scheduling a telehealth consultation, allowing you to undergo a comprehensive examination. This will determine if you are an ideal candidate for ketamine therapy, while also enabling us to discuss and create an optimal treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Home Delivery of Medications

Experience the convenience of having your prescription sent directly to your preferred compounding pharmacy or one within our existing network. These trusted pharmacies will ensure a seamless process and promptly deliver a 30-day supply of medication straight to your doorstep. Say goodbye to the hassle of visiting a physical pharmacy and enjoy the ease of receiving your medication in the comfort of your own home.

Daily mood checker and journaling

Monitor your progress effectively by utilizing the daily mood checker, check-in surveys, and journaling tool available through our dedicated smartphone app. This comprehensive approach allows you to keep track of your journey, enabling adjustments to be made during your monthly doctor appointment.

Unlimited Emails/DMs with a doctor

Stay connected and receive personalized support throughout your treatment. You can conveniently reach out to our doctors via email, direct messaging through the app, or by scheduling quick check-in video calls. Feel free to address any questions or concerns you may have, as our doctors are readily available to assist you.

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