Effective Ketamine Treatment for Depression and Anxiety at ISHA Health

Initial Evaluation(60mins): $350
30 Minute Follow-up:(30mins)  $350

*Virtual doctor appointment every 30 days is required for ongoing care

**We have vetted the compounding pharmacies with the top quality standard for you so that you don’t have to call around. You typically pay $50-100 for the medication depending on where you live. If you have a preferred pharmacy, we can send the prescription to the pharmacy as well.

**HSA/FSA eligible. Superbill will be issued upon requests.

The Average Patient

The average patient is treated with a 100mg - 200mg sublingual ketamine troche, twice a week for the first month of the treatment.  Every month, our clinician will interview you and review your clinical scores for depression, anxiety, and PTSD to optimize your treatment regimen.

Once the optimal dosing is reached, the frequency may be adjusted.  We highly encourage conjunctive psychotherapy treatment.

Researches have shown that concurrent psychotherapeutic intervention improves the efficacy of the treatment. You can work with your own psychotherapist or with one of our certified and experienced psychotherapists.