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We take great pride in forging synergistic partnerships with psychiatrists, psychiatric NPs, psychotherapists, PCPs, and other esteemed providers. Together, we aim to elevate patient care to unparalleled standards. Discover the nuances of our refined patient referral process below.

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Why Partner With Us?

In the realm of mental health care, many patients might find only partial relief even after months of conventional medications or talk therapy. This is where the potential of ketamine therapy shines.

Research shows that ketamine can bolster traditional treatments, leading to enhanced patient well-being.

At Isha Health, we provide secure and user-friendly at-home ketamine treatments, complementing existing medication management or psychotherapy. We primarily focus on conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

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How Our Collaborative Care Model Works

We love collaborating with psychiatrists, psychiatric NPs, psychotherapists, PCPs, and other providers to deliver world-class care to their patients.

As part of our collaborative model, you’ll have access to our online community of providers, where we provide educational materials and opportunities to discuss psychedelic-assisted therapy. There is no cost to you to collaborate with us and join our community.

1. Track Their Progress

As your patient navigates their treatment with us, we'll periodically share a Treatment Overview detailing their therapy, notable advancements, and progression in achieving their objectives.

2. Quantify the Essential

Our mental health application consistently monitors patients' emotional state, symptoms (utilizing recognized scales like PHQ-9 and GAD-7), and their reaction to the ketamine therapy.

3. Linking the Pieces

Throughout your patient's experience at Isha Health, this information will be available for your review. Our professionals remain readily accessible via phone or a Zoom conversation.


How Isha Health Treatment Work

1. Safety Measures

Our commitment to patient safety is manifested in the following ways:

・Prescribing a controlled quantity of ketamine doses during each consultation.
・Ensuring a trusted individual is on-site for every ketamine session.
・Logging essential details such as date/time, dosage, and support person information before each session.
・Regularly monitoring mental responses, symptom alleviation, and potential side effects.

2. Professional Support

During their time at Isha Health, patients can choose to engage in psychotherapy to amplify the physiological benefits of ketamine, including increased neuroplasticity. Every therapist on our team is accredited in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. The psychotherapy offered at Isha Health aims to supplement, not substitute, any external therapy the patient might be undergoing.

3. Personalized Care

Patients regularly engage with their licensed clinicians monthly. We meticulously adjust their ketamine dosage to strike a balance between optimal symptom alleviation and minimal adverse reactions. Ketamine can be harmoniously combined with the majority of other psychotropic drugs. A notable number of patients witness considerable enhancement after an initial sequence of 8 sessions, whereas some find sustained treatments over an extended period beneficial, often at a decreased frequency (for instance, monthly or bi-monthly).

4. Effortless Integrated Care

We ensure that your patient, their Isha Health clinician, and you, their referring provider, are all working together toward the same treatment goals.


How to get started

If you have a patient whom you believe could benefit from ketamine therapy, kindly use the button below to refer them, or suggest they contact us directly via our Patient Screener. Upon completion, they will have the opportunity to schedule a detailed consultation with one of our psychiatric professionals.

This session will focus on a thorough medical and psychiatric assessment to determine the appropriateness of treatment. Their Isha Health clinician might also reach out to you for further insights into their history. Once your patient is deemed a good fit for therapy, they can commence their transformative journey with Isha Health, all while maintaining a strong connection with you, their primary provider.

We deeply value your trust and look forward to the potential collaboration in caring for your patient.