What is KAP?

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy or KAP is a therapeutic method that addresses a large variety of mental health problems like depression, PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, addiction, and anxiety disorders.In addition to psychotherapy, Ketamine is administered to deepen and enhance the therapeutic process.Administration of Ketamine in low doses in conjunction with psychotherapy, softens the psychological defenses temporarily, allowing psychotherapeutic processing and deep self-reflection of the person.

Who is Isha?

Our mission is to make ketamine assisted psychotherapy accessible to more people who need it. Isha Health is a team of clinicians who have extensive training and experience providing ketamine assisted psychotherapy in collaboration with patients’ psychotherapists. Our clinicians have been trained in high renowned training centers such as CIIS, IPI, Polaris Insight Center, and UC Berkeley, and treated hundreds of patients in the past years.

Collaborative KAP with patients’ existing care team

Isha provides thorough medical evaluation, prescription, and on going monitoring as well as helpful tools such as journaling, intention setting guide, music playlists, and more for a monthly flat fee of $350 (patients pay the pharmacy for the medication separately). Patients also have access to unlimited messaging and quick 15 minute check in video calls with our physician when they have questions or concerns during the month. As a psychotherapist, you can focus on providing quality psychotherapy sessions to your clients.

How to provide KAP with Isha

Working with Isha is free for psychotherapists

1. Direct your patients to for the initial medical evaluation. Isha doctor will reveiw their problems, medical/psychiatric history, and other relevant information. Doctor may request patient for a medical record, or contact the patient’s existing doctor for further inofrmation when needed. The booking for the evaluation is free. We won’t charge the patient unless we proceed with the treatment.

2. If the patient is a good candidate for KAP, patient will sign a release form so that Isha Health doctor and you can discuss the treatment plan together. You can book her on the calendar in this page.

3. Once the treatment plan is set, Isha Health sends prescription to the pharmacy and the medications will be shipped to patients’ home within 3 - 5 business days.

4. You and your patient work together through KAP treatments while Isha Health support you with monthly medical evaluation, ongoing medical monitoring,and prescription management.

“One of my weekly clients started working with Isha for ketamine therapy a few months ago. He was on a low dose treatment but started to show improvements of symptoms within a week and also began to implement some of the tools we discussed in previous sessions which he had never been able to before. I am in KAP training now and excited to add KAP to my treatment modality.”

J.D. LMFT in Barkeley

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Isha Health to provide KAP to my clients. I have been in private practice for over a decade and started offering KAP after completing trainings. I have worked with many doctors in the past but I truly feel that we provide the care collaboratively with isha and my clients love it. Highly recommend.”

L.W. LMFT in San Francisco

“I really appreciate Dr. Mai’s emphasis on the psychotherapy component of ketamine treatment. Many of the ketamine prescribers who I have worked with had little interest in psychotherapy. She not only understands ketamine in and out as an MD, but also cares about collaboratively taking care of clients with therapists. She is easy to approach to and very responsive. I will continue to work with Isha Health to provide KAP to my clients.”

V.A. LMFT in Santa Monica