How to Get Affordable Ondansetron for Mental Health, IBS, and Ketamine Therapy Treatments

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November 30, 2023

Ondansetron, often recognized by its brand name Zofran, is not only prescribed for nausea and vomiting related to surgeries or chemotherapy but is also increasingly used as an adjunct treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) management and as part of ketamine therapy protocols. Given its expanding uses, many patients are seeking this medication, but are met with the challenges of its cost—particularly those without comprehensive insurance. Fortunately, there are pathways to access this pivotal medication without breaking the bank. Two of the leading options are GoodRx and CostPlus. This article will guide you through using these services to make your Ondansetron treatment more affordable.

GoodRx: Discounts and Price Comparisons at Your Fingertips

What is GoodRx? GoodRx is a free-to-use website and mobile app that helps patients in the United States find the lowest prices for their prescription medications at local pharmacies. They offer coupons and price comparisons, which can lead to significant savings.

How to Use GoodRx for Ondansetron:

  • Search for Ondansetron: Enter "Ondansetron" in the search bar on the GoodRx website or app.
  • View Prices & Discounts: You'll be presented with a list of pharmacies in your area, along with the prices they charge for the medication. These prices can vary widely, so it pays to shop around.
  • Get Your Coupon: Once you've chosen a pharmacy, click to get your free coupon. You can print it, send it to yourself via email, or display it on your mobile device.
  • Show Your Coupon at the Pharmacy: When you go to pick up your prescription, show the coupon to the pharmacist. They'll adjust the price accordingly.

CostPlus: A Membership for Deeper Discounts

What is CostPlus? CostPlus is a membership-based program that offers medications at a discounted price. By negotiating directly with pharmacies and cutting out the middlemen, CostPlus is able to pass the savings onto its members.

How to Use CostPlus for Ondansetron:

  • Become a Member: To access the discounts, you need to become a member. There may be a membership fee, but the savings on medications often outweigh the costs.
  • Search for Ondansetron: Once you're a member, search for "Ondansetron" on their platform to see the discounted price.
  • Select a Pharmacy: Like GoodRx, CostPlus provides a list of participating pharmacies where you can pick up your medication.
  • Present Your Membership at the Pharmacy: Show your CostPlus membership details (often a card or digital ID) to the pharmacist to get your medication at the discounted price.

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