This Month in Ketamine for Clinicians

Our founder Mai Shimada, MD talks about the latest news about ketamine on the first Thursday of each month.

Previously, she discussed topics such as:

- PO/SL ketamine for depression
- VGLUT, ketamine, and depression
- Esketamine and arketamine

Voices from participants of a prior session:

"My patients ask me about ketamine these days and I was looking for resources about ketamine therapy. Dr. Shimada shared the latest researches about SL ketamine for depression toaday and I found it helpful."
~ Family medicine physician in Pasadena, California

" I was skeptical about ketamine clinics popping up everywhere. Isha Health seems to provide the treatment in a responsible manner. "
~ Psychiatrist in Petaluma, California

8:30pm - 9:15pm: Presentation by Mai Shimada, MD
9:15pm - 9:30pm:  Q&A session

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